“We believe that how an organization sources its agile coaches is one of the most critical success factors of an agile change initiative.”

SOURCE is an advisory and consulting firm that partners with organisations to assist in the management of their agile coaching capability. SOURCE has three core service offerings that combine to form our agile coaching capability solution.

SOURCE can deliver your agile coaching as a service or support you to build a capability within your organisation. If you have a requirement to recruit agile coaching capability; SOURCE can provide you with access to Australia’s best agility practitioners.




The best agile coaches are hard to find and even more difficult to attract and retain. At SOURCE, we have a proven process to not only improve your organisations chances of attracting the best talent but also to efficiently screen and onboard agile coaches in a timely manner. Without the right mix of talented agile coaches, even the most well-coordinated change program is at risk of failure. The SOURCE Talent Process is designed to reduce this risk and set clients up for success.



Our SOURCE Incubator program is an agile coaching capability development program that runs over 12-weeks; it aims to accelerate an agile coach’s career, delivering a step-change in their capability. The SOURCE Incubator is different to traditional knowledge-based certified agile courses in that it combines field experiments, reflective practices, community networking and mentoring with face-to-face learning to deliver what we believe is the most comprehensive agile coaching course on the market today.



The world is constantly changing; the pace of disruption and level of competitiveness is ever increasing. Agility, the capability to respond quickly to disruption, is fast becoming a top priority for organisations; including government and not-for-profit sectors. An agile coach or agility coach enables the broader adoption of new ways to work that support higher levels of organisational agility. SOURCE can deliver your agile coaching as a service or support you to build a capability within your organisation


At SOURCE we work with our clients as an agile coaching capability development partner.

The SOURCE Way involves tapping into and leveraging the deep and extensive agile community relationships we’ve built over years of work across Australia. These relationships provide SOURCE with access to the most talented and capable agility coaches and practitioners.

SOURCE works between two quite different ‘worlds’; the Agile Coaching Community and large clients with aspirations to uplift their agility.

Group 301

SOURCE is a trusted supplier of work engagements to the community of agile coaches whilst also supporting organisation’s to attract and retain the best agile coaches to meet their change requirements. The best agile coaches know the theory but more importantly have the experience to back it up.

We specialise ONLY in Agile Coaching services

We believe that how an organisation sources its agile coaches is one of the most critical success factors of an agile change initiative. SOURCE has built teams of agile coaches for multiple large transformations programs as well as supported smaller businesses with capability that is tailored to their needs.

SOURCE aims to enable your transformation. Rather than run your transformation, our role is to be the SOURCE of agility expertise that will enable you and your teams to reach your objectives and execute your agile change program.


Planning your agile coaching workforce

SOURCE is a specialist agile consulting and advisory firm with a singular focus; designing and delivering agile coaching capability to support large change programs to be executed successfully. Our definition of success is when your change aspirations are realised.

When commencing an agile change program it helps to have people who have been on the journey already. Change is hard, and moving a culture so as to enable agility requires deep expertise in behavioural change, organisational design and process implementation; it takes a team of experts.

SOURCE brings our specialist skills in agile coaching capability to work with other expert teams (i.e. your People and Culture or Program office). SOURCE utilises a partnering approach, collaborating with other firms and internal teams to ensure adoption is deeply anchored across the business (rather than superficial) and that it does not disappear once expert teams move on to other engagements.

Our Experience

SOURCE has direct experience in the execution of large agile change programs involving thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of staff. Working across the full lifecycle of a change/transformation program, SOURCE knows when to bring in and/or develop the right amount of coaching support at the right time.

Getting your agile coaching workforce balance right is easier when partnering with SOURCE; we’ve got the experience, expertise and the connections to enable you to get the right talent on the ground where and when you need it.


Source has an extensive network of agile coaches and will act on behalf of your organisation to communicate and engage with the agile coaching community as you build your capability.



In “Responsive Agile Coaching” – Niall McShane draws on over a decade of agile coaching experience to document a clear and well-researched model that lifts the lid on how agile coaching actually works. The book starts by defining what the role of agile coach has become in recent times before putting forward a field-tested and theoretically sound model for conducting agile coaching conversations.