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Armed with experience and practical tools, we assist you to confidently progress on your Agile journey, achieve performance outcomes and demonstrate accountability.

Align Your Leaders
Discovering Performance Issues
Enabling The Adoption Of Change

Agile Delivery Performance

Agile Delivery performance management is a long overdue topic the industry needs to consider. At Source Agility, we don't suggest you change your way of working until you have measures in place to assess the performance of the delivery system. 

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Enabling Organisational Performance

At Source Agility, we enable organisational performance through the use of agility
principles and practices.

Through continuous learning, organisations can utilise agility to not only thrive operationally but make a positive difference in their workforce and within society

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We exist to ensure agility delivers organisational outcomes (performs) whilst engaging employees through connection to purpose.

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Agility principles, lived experience and expert-level advice combined with our Accountability Agility System™ and Responsive Agile Coaching© model

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We specialise in optimising the performance of agile operating models; providing consulting, education and coaching-as-a service.

Finding the waste in the system

Source Agility is often called in to enable higher levels of performance within an agile delivery system. But where across dozens of teams and multiple layers of the organisation is the root cause of under-performance?

This case study showcases how we assessed an agile system; real data is provided (anonymised) with examples of how we mapped the flow of value across a large system.

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The 3 Parts of Delivery Cycle
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The Source Agility Method

Looking to deliver outcomes (faster or better)?

Let Source Agility assist you to identify the gaps and find the suitable solutions; regardless of how your organisation delivers value now, there are points in the system that if addressed will significantly uplift delivery performance.

Stages of Change

Take a look at the stages-of-change as identified by Source Agility and see where you fit.
  1. The REALISATION –that you can no longer stand still and need to find better ways to move forward.

  2. The WHY – identifying the, often deep, hidden problems that are stopping you moving forward.

  3. The HOW – Identifying the solution and how it can be done.

  4. The EMBED – Embedding the processes that make you more competitive.

  5. The AGILE – Understanding that the future is filled with change but now you have the tools to be AGILE.

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Agile Delivery Performance Whitepaper

Enabling Agile Delivery Performance by collecting the right data.

Niall McShane, Director at Source Agility, shares his insights on why agile often fails to improve delivery and the strategies Source Agility uses to maximise the chances of achieving high levels of Agile delivery Performance.

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Agile Delivery Performance Executive Whitepaper

The Source Agility Services

Source Agility’s three services can assist your organisation to move through the stages-of-change and achieve higher levels of performance:

Agile System Performance


to assess what needs to change

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Executive Alignment for Agile Adoption-1


to align sponsors on where to go next

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Agility Coaching


to enable the workforce to adopt the required changes

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Fair and transparent pricing

Hiring a consultant can be stressful; we want to make it easy to do business with Source Agility by providing you with some guidance on the investment required to work with us.

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Niall McShane

Niall McShane is the founder and Managing Director of Source Agility. Niall is a coach at heart and, throughout his career, has applied coaching in many situations; sports, life, leadership and most recently, agile and ways to work.

There are two consistent themes in all of the coaching Niall has delivered over the years; performance (getting the outcome) and growth (getting better). These two elements are central to his life and work at Source Agility.

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Source Agility - Responsive Agile Coaching book


In “Responsive Agile Coaching” – Niall McShane draws on over a decade of agile coaching experience to document a clear and well-researched model that lifts the lid on how agile coaching actually works. The book starts by defining what the role of agile coach has become in recent times before putting forward a field-tested and theoretically sound model for conducting agile coaching conversations.

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Niall McShane talks about enabling agility

Niall McShane talks about enabling agility

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