Source Agility is a small highly specialised team that brings together (sources) the right agility enablement and coaching workforce for your change program. We have two Principal Consultants (Niall and Stephanie), a network of retained contracted partners, as well as extensive agility community networks that we draw upon.


Niall McShane

Founder and Principal

Niall’s role at Source Agility involves leading the work for our largest clients, building strategic partnerships and of course providing thought leadership and innovation.

Stephanie Camarena, PhD

Principal and Strategic Advisor

Stephanie not only provides Source Agility with a solid research arm through her relationships with academia, but she is a seasoned facilitator and practitioner who assists organisations with their transition to sustainable operating systems.

Dan Hill

Incubator Head Trainer and Community Lead

Dan is both our community host and leads the Source Incubator as the Head Instructor. With many years under his belt Dan is an experienced senior agile coach having worked in large global change programs as well as some of Australia’s biggest transformation programs.

Ross Macintyre

Incubator Trainer and Mentor

Ross has an incredible array of experience and qualifications relating to agile coaching. Ross has a post-graduate qualification as an Organisational Coach and works within our Incubator program as a mentor.

Jean-Louis Benavides


Jean-Louis has deep experience working with teams to bring harmony and stability to the way of working that ultimately leads to an increased ability for the delivery system to ship real, tangible value.

Clients usually bring in Jean-Louis to:

    1. Set up an Agile team for continuous delivery or projects
    2. Improve the performance of established teams

    3. Remediate dysfunctional delivery processes.

Reach out to our team if you need help to…

  • Assess your agile coach requirements
  • Put together a workforce plan to build you agile coaching capability
  • Understand what outcomes agile coaches can deliver
  • Run an internal development program to build internal capability with your existing staff
  • Go to market to hire permanent agile coaching staff

We can advise and support any or all of these activities.