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An agile coach or agility coach enables the broader adoption of new ways to work that support higher levels of organisational agility.

The world is constantly changing; the pace of disruption and level of competitiveness is ever increasing. Agility, the capability to respond quickly to disruption, is fast becoming a top priority for organisations; including government and not-for-profit sectors.

Agile coaches have a rare mix of business acumen, cultural awareness and process knowledge; good coaches are hard to find. And that’s why SOURCE exists. SOURCE works with clients to develop and/or recruit coaches that enable organisations to execute their agile change initiatives.

Source Agility - Agile Coaching

Agile coaches are a close community of highly skilled practitioners. They are wary of outsiders and those that do not understand their craft. SOURCE is a respected member of the agile coaching community; frequently hosting meetups, we operate a vibrant online agile coaching community as well as being an active member of the International Agile Consortium of Agile (ICAgile).

Our Coaching Capability Principles


Taking a fixed mindset when solving complex problems heightens the risk of failure. At Source Agility we pride ourselves on our commitment to responsiveness. We know how and when to shift our approach to serve clients and produce the organisation's expected results.

Let Source Agility enable you to “take the leap” become truly agile and maximise the returns from your agility investment.

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Responsive Agile Coaching Book


We have developed systems and enhanced methodologies to improve efficiency and clearly provide accountability. It is designed to make it easier for all involved to gauge progress and make appropriate improvements.

  • The Accountable Agility System™ - An agility enablement performance management solution.
  • Agility enablement and coaching as an accountable managed service.
  • Source Incubator Program© - An internal agility coach capability development program that delivers accountable, competent and confident graduates.
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Source Agility - Coaches

Our Coaches

SOURCE provides talent acquisition and leading edge development programs to enable its clients to build fit-for-purpose agile coaching capability. SOURCE assists organisations with the management of their agile coach capability across the full lifecycle of a change program; mobilising-scaling-operating-scaling back.

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  • Agile coach centre of expertise establishment
  • Agile coach search - capability assessment and selection
  • Agile coach on-boarding and ongoing management
  • In-house agile coaching capability development programs
  • Agile coach performance and outcome management
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Source Agility Coaching Services


SOURCE has an extensive network of agile coaches and will act on behalf of your organisation to communicate and engage with the agile coaching community as you build your capability. We SOURCE the right talent for you.

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