Transform Your Enterprise Agility with Expert-Driven Tooling Solutions

At Source Agility, we recognize that poorly configured processes and inflexible tooling systems can significantly hinder the effectiveness and engagement of your workforce. Our specialized suite of work management tooling solutions, including advanced configurations for Jira,, bespoke application development, and strategic data analysis services, is specifically designed to address these challenges. By transforming rigid, one-size-fits-all tool setups into dynamic and adaptive systems, we empower your teams to embrace agile methodologies fully, ensuring your tools enhance productivity and align perfectly with your organizational workflows.

Designed to address common pain points, our solutions streamline processes and boost productivity by overcoming specific challenges.

Meet Our Team of Industry Experts


Ross MacIntyre - An experienced tooling systems architect from Telstra and Melbourne University, Ross excels at eliminating poor processes embedded in tooling solutions that lead to higher workforce engagement and increased adoption.



Raj-1Raj Bhide - A specialist in tool adoption and configuration with experience at ANZ and nbnCo., Raj tackles the rigid, inflexible administration of tool changes, aligning tooling configurations with team-specific workflows.


bradBrad Quirk - The founder of Quirk Consulting and a leader in Jira configuration and app development in Australia, Brad addresses problems of excessive assurance and micromanagement that disempower teams and reduce engagement.



Niall-imageNiall McShane - Renowned for operational design, Niall ensures that tooling strategies are not only tactical but strategic, enhancing visibility of workloads and organizational capacity for delivery.




Why Choose Us?

Our consultancy leads the way in enhancing agile delivery performance by addressing these critical issues:

  • Customized Tooling Configurations: We tailor setups for Jira,, and other platforms, eradicating poor processes and promoting adoption and engagement.

  • Flexible Tool Administration: Our solutions adapt to your team's unique working styles, preventing the imposition of unsuitable, rigid templates.

  • Empowered Decision-Making: We reduce overbearing assurance practices, empowering your teams to make decisions that enhance productivity and satisfaction.

  • Strategic Implementation: Our approach focuses on strategic tool implementation that facilitates effective work visualization, ensuring you understand your ongoing projects and delivery capacity.

Transform Your Agile Journey Today

Leverage our expert-driven tooling solutions to overcome common agile delivery challenges and elevate your enterprise performance. Contact us to discover how we can tailor our services to transform your organization’s agility.