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Hiring a consultant can be stressful; we want to make it easy to do business with Source Agility by providing you with some guidance on the investment required to work with us.

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Our Principal Consultants and Partners work on a daily rate that ranges from $1950-$2600. Pricing varies depending on duration, the individual and availability.
When we contract consultants and agility practitioners from our community network Source Agility adds a 20-30% margin onto the day rate we pay them as contractors. This allows us to search for, secure and subsequently manage the performance of the personnel we bring in to support our principals.
Source Agility categorises consultants/agility practitioners/coaches into three levels, each corresponding to the size of the organisational system that they are competent in working in. Indicative daily rates for agility practitioners are shown below at the prices in AUD (excluding GST). The rates below are what we would invoice you as the client:

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Small sized system

up to 10 people

(team-level) practitioner/coach


Medium sized system


(tribe-level) practitioner/coach


Large size system


(enterprise-level) practitioner/coach


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