Executive Alignment for Agile Adoption

Executive Alignment for Agile Adoption

Agile principles, practices and approaches are now seen as a required consideration for all organisations as they seek ways to improve, retain an engaged workforce and deliver value.​

But achieving success with Agile requires a level of consensus on how it is utilised to enable an organisation to execute its strategy. This is where problems arise, with executives all having different understanding of exactly what Agile can do for them in their role and how Agile fits into the organisation’s overall structure and culture.

Source Agility’s Executive Alignment Workshop aims to solve for the challenge of ​

“How to get everyone on the same page” ​

with regards to the why, what and how of Agile as an enabler of organisational strategy.

Executives in Agile Adoption

This workshop is a 0.5 to 1-day facilitated working session that brings all opinions to the table, works through what the future vision could look like and then converges the collective view towards an agreed way forward for the executive team.​

Price for this workshop is fixed at $8500AUD which includes pre-work, agenda creation, interviews, a 0.5 to 1-day facilitated workshop and a final “way forward” summary report.​

case study

Here is a case study example from our recent work that outlines how this workshop combines with our core service (Agile System Performance) to enable an organisation have its executive aligned on its agile strategy.

Download Case Study
The 3 Parts of Delivery Cycle

Need something specific for your organisation?

To discuss your specific situation you are invited to meet with Niall McShane, the founder and managing director of Source Agility.

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