Technology Delivery Lifecycle Optimisation

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Our Technology Delivery Lifecycle Optimization service enhances the efficiency of your delivery system by refining the collaborative and interactive aspects of your workflow. We assess your current procedures, identify areas for improvement, fine-tune agile practices, and ensure that involving stakeholders in the IT delivery process is smooth and seamless.

This approach reduces cycle times, increases throughput, and aligns IT delivery with business stakeholders' time and cost expectations, fostering a collaborative environment.

Delivering value

Case Study

Presented here is a case study showcasing our recent achievements in significantly decreasing cycle time (by 75%) and enhancing delivery predictability (by 51%) for a software platform team. The metrics are supported by real Jira data provided for transparency and validation.

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Need something specific for your organisation?

To discuss your specific situation you are invited to meet with Niall McShane, the founder and managing director of Source Agility.

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