Delivery Acceleration Program

Identifying and Removing Waste from your Delivery System

Source Agility has developed a unique program to assist organisations in understanding how they can identify waste in specific delivery systems.

Once identified, we assist you in removing or minimising the issues causing the impediments. The result is an accelerated delivery system that is more streamlined and efficient.

The main principle behind our program - frameworks and processes don’t deliver work; people do.

We work with your people to not only uplift system performance but teach them how to do it for themselves and continue to improve the system's performance after we conclude our consulting work.

Source Agility Workflow

Delivery Acceleration Program Outline

Stage 1: Setting the scene
Source Agility assists in identifying a specific delivery system where the stakeholders and people are aiming to learn how to best improve performance.

Stage 2: Walk the process together
Source Agility facilitates a four-hour workshop where the players who are familiar with the various aspects of the system come together and outline a detailed workflow map. This workshop is often co-facilitated with internal staff, providing a professional development opportunity for those involved.

Delivery Acceleration Program Outline

Stage 3: Production of artifacts
From the workshop Source Agility produces:

  • A detailed workflow (value stream) map
  • Metrics on the delivery process
  • End-to-end lead time
  • Efficiency of the delivery process
  • Identification of impediments to flow.

Stage 4: Action plan session
Source Agility conducts a session with key stakeholders to review artifacts and implement an action plan to accelerate the delivery system.

Delivery Acceleration Program Outline

Benefits of the Program

The benefits of the Source Agility “Delivery Acceleration Program” based on our extensive experience working across many delivery systems we can show your team how they can identify impediments in the delivery system.

Through our guidance, Source Agility assists your team to move forward and gives them the data, capabilities and confidence to deliver an accelerated delivery system.

An accelerated delivery system is good for business and staff morale.

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Program Cost Breakdown

The Source Agility “Delivery Acceleration Program” costs $6,600 + GST.

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