Understanding Agile Delivery Performance

Agile Delivery Performance

Why is it so important to assess Agile Delivery Performance?

When Agile came along it made some bold promises about being a better way to work; for many organisations it has failed to deliver on this promise. We believe Agile Delivery performance management is a long overdue topic the industry needs to now consider.

At Source Agility, we don't suggest you change your way of working until you have measures in place to assess the performance of the delivery system. 

Agile Delivery Performance Whitepaper

Enabling Agile Delivery Performance by collecting the Right Data

In this Whitepaper, Niall gives an industry perspective on why sometimes Agile can fail to improve delivery.

He also provides a list of change activities used by Source Agility to increase the chances of achieving high levels of Agile delivery performance.

Lastly, he will list ten data points and associated metrics that are essential if your organisation wants to manage and improve the performance of Agile delivery.

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Agile Delivery Performance Whitepaper

Our 8 step Delivery Accelerator Program

Source Agility have developed a unique program to enable organisations to identify waste in specific delivery systems. Once identified, we assist you to remove or minimise the issues causing the impediments. The result is an accelerated delivery system which is more streamline and efficient.

The program produces workflow maps and baseline data to help measure the current performance of an Agile delivery system (program, project, value stream or product team).

It is structured to teach you how to assess and monitor the health of your delivery, so after we leave you will be able to continue to monitor and improve your delivery.

Delivery Acceleration Program