Elevate IT from Cost Center to Value Driver

Accelerate Delivery, Refine Tools, Align Roles - Harness Agile's Potential as You Upskill Your Workforce

Our Agile Value Realisation Accelerator program takes your IT a big step forward, leveraging agile methodologies to achieve concrete improvements in delivery speed, predictability, and cost-effectiveness. We ensure sustainable improvement through workforce upskilling in agile practices, enabling continuous enhancement of IT's value to your organisation.
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Services to Get Your Agile Delivering


Accelerate your solution delivery and enhance their quality concurrently, leading to a faster time-to-market and significantly improving your return on investment.

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Optimising end-to-end delivery


Optimise workflows, enhance visibility, and strengthen governance for improved productivity and assured delivery.

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Work management tooling

Agile Delivery Roles & Responsibilities

Clarify team structures and improve collaboration, leading to faster decision-making and more responsive IT services.

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Agile Delivery roles and responsibilities
Each of our services targets critical areas of IT performance. But the best results are realised when we apply our overarching approach to technology delivery optimization

Optimising Technology Delivery to Drive Organisational Results

We believe that through continuous learning, organisations can utilise agile IT delivery to thrive operationally, achieve business outcomes, and positively impact their workforce and society

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We exist to optimise technology delivery, ensuring agility drives organisational outcomes and engages employees through a strong connection to purpose.

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Our services include Technology Delivery Lifecycle Optimisation, Work Management Tooling Configuration, and Role & Responsibility Alignment. We provide consulting, education, and coaching-as-a-service to enhance technology delivery and drive organisational success.

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Our Agile Value Realisation Accelerator is designed to provide high ROI, combining immediate enhancements with a robust framework for long-term success. It's the perfect balance of off-the-shelf efficiency and tailored solutions, giving you a clear pathway to elevate your IT from a cost center to a value driver.

Optimising End-to-End Technology Delivery: A Case Study in Agile Value Realisation

Source Agility is often called in to enhance performance within end-to-end technology delivery models. But where across hundreds of IT specialists and multiple organisational layers is the root cause of under-performance?

This case study showcases our Value Realisation Accelerator Program in action. Using real, anonymised data, we demonstrate how we mapped the flow of value across a large-scale technology delivery system, optimising performance from start to finish. 

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The 3 Parts of Delivery Cycle

Agile Delivery Performance Whitepaper

Enabling Agile Delivery Performance by collecting the right data.

Niall McShane, Director at Source Agility, shares his insights on why agile often fails to improve delivery and the strategies Source Agility uses to maximise the chances of achieving high levels of Agile delivery Performance.

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Agile Delivery Performance Executive Whitepaper

Fair and transparent pricing

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Niall McShane

Niall McShane, Director of Source Agility, leads a consulting firm focused on enhancing organisational performance through optimised agile IT delivery. His vision is to empower organisations to achieve their goals with improved technology delivery and agile practices, ensuring sustainable success and growth.

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Niall McShane talks about enabling agility

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